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Dalian Yuanpeng Food Group company established in 2001, is located in Dalian Zhuanghe City, a beautiful and prosperous coastal city on the southernmost tip of Liaodong peninsula of China. this location is embraced by the sea from three directions and it is blessed with picturesque scenery and pleasant climate, making it one of the most livable cities in China. The city is also blessed with great convenience of transportation by waterways, land and air, and it is the most developed port city in the north of China, a golden wharf for the outbound business development of Dalian


Dalian Yuanpeng Food Co., Ltd is a large processing enterprise of aquatic products established by our group, completely passed the FDA registration, HACCP, BRC certification, EU food sanitary registration international quality system certification etc. mainly engaging in the deep processing of frozen and fresh fin fish series, frozen shellfish series and other seafood, providing perfect quality products to the world。

Since our business beginning, our plant has been recognized as a key supplier of Alaska Pollock fillets, Hake fillets, Salmon fillets and Redfish fillets, Yellow fin fillets, ATF fillets, the products are mainly export Europe, America, South America, Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia and have won good recognition and praise. And Donggang Shinyo Food Processing Factory establishment has greatly enhanced our Group's seafood production capacity. Going through 17 years' development, our group has always insisted on customer-oriented and regarded the customer satisfaction index as our criterion to measure our work. We will continue focusing on creating top ranking international platform and industry benchmark and providing better products and services for our customers. We are working hard to meet you expectations and I invite you to see our new success in the coming years.